Perigrove is a prolific private equity firm strategically diversified across every segment of the global healthcare sector. Headquartered in New York City Perigrove has conducted billions in transactions over the past decade. On behalf of our stakeholders and the tens of thousands of lives we impact, we continue to create outsize opportunities in all we engage.
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Our Philosophy

The future belongs to those who create it.

“At Perigrove we see opportunity not as the realization of potential but its outright creation.“Our mission is to create new opportunities within both existing and emerging segments of the global healthcare arena, then take a diversified position within their future. “Above all, our principal investment is in meaningful partnerships with the world’s elite investors. It is on that foundation that we design the reality we envision and build a successful tomorrow.”

Opportunity’s capital players.

David Gefner

Founder & Principal
David founded Perigrove in 2012 as an access point for ultra-high-net-worth individuals to rare, off-market opportunities within every segment of the global healthcare sector. David exemplifies the firm’s relationship ethos, making steep investments to elevate the value of membership in Perigrove. In addition to forming and growing long-term partnerships, he is responsible for directing all aspects of the firm’s diverse portfolio.

Jay Leitner

VP, Special Operations
Jay is responsible for the teams that execute on the companies projects. Jay lives by the Perigrove adage that “The future belongs to those who create it.” He is the firm’s frontline leader. Orchestrating a wide web of intertwined people, resources, and deals. Jay has been with Perigrove since its founding in 2012, and he continues broadening the firm’s reach across its current activities and into new territory.

Josh Greenwald

Investor Relations
Josh reinforces the bond between the firm and each individual investment member, with a core focus on transparency, inclusion, and collaboration with investors, family offices, and their professional networks. Josh believes that deepening the investor relationship always leads to a deepening in investment value. He considers his passion for the art of people his greatest contribution to Perigrove, as it enables the firm to grow all its activities.

Zalman Schapiro

Zalman leverages his rich legal experience, business acumen, and ability to see the broader fiscal picture to lead the Perigrove team through each transaction with full preparedness. His deep understanding of deal complexities enable him to implement cost-effective solutions to get deals done, without drama. Zalman brings his wealth of knowledge in healthcare and business law to support the team in all projects.

Mordy Koslovsky

Chief Financial Officer
Mordy maintains fiscal order among a complex global web of entities and stakeholders. Hailing from accounting giants, he brings decades of experience advising some of the nation’s leading real estate owners, developers, and investors. Mordy’s calling card is creating efficient flows of funds and files for numerous ecosystems in tandem, which enables our team to operate with the transparency that Perigrove treasures.
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